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Cumbrae View
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Farland Point Walk on Cumbrae 5.4km. From the Old Pier, follow the seafront promenade along the coast. On your left you will pass the Garrison House, soon to be refurbished. The familiar face of Crocodile Rock can also be seen on the right as you follow the path all the way around Kames Bay.As you take the path on the right, keen anglers may also be seen fishing from the rocks. Cast your eye over the mainland, where you will see the Deep Water Terminal (the deepest in Britain) and the Nuclear Power Station at Hunterston. These are backed by Cloudberry Hill and on clear days the Wind farm can be seen on the skyline.At the end of this stretch of the mainland coastline is the ruined Portencross Castle and there is also a similar structure on "Wee Cumbrae". There is also a clear view to Ailsa Craig otherwise known' as Paddy's milestone but perhaps best known for supplying the granite to form curling stones.From here follow the path round to the road and on the right you will see the University Marine Biological Station at Keppel Pier. A small museum and aquarium in the main building is open at various times throughout the holiday season and is well worth a visit. Turning left follow the road and prom back to the old pier.This walk is suitable for all abilities use. There is an all abilities kissing gate at the Point which can facilitate wheelchair/mobility scooter use using a Radar Lock key.

Targets Walk on Cumbrae 5.5km. Starting from the pier continue walking uphill and follow the road to the golf course passing the farms of Lower and Mid Kirkton. It is here between the two farms that the graveyard for the original island settlement is sited and also on the right a path leads onto the Minister Walk and back to town. The last farm on the road is Upper Kirkton, where the route goes left up the side of the steading and turns left along a broad track. Continue along the edge of the field where good views of Bute and Kilchattan Bay can be obtained to the right and the outline of the ‘Sleeping Warrior’ of Arran ahead. The route then descends to the road at Sheriff’s Port. An attractive coastal path leads back to Millport where the full aspect of the town opens up as well as giving spectacular views of the Clyde, Arran and Little Cumbrae.

This Cycle Route around Cumbrae is around 16.5km. The Cumbrae Cycle Routes provide a variety of scenery around this wonderful island. With a circumference of just 10.25 miles Cumbrae makes for an leisurely day at the pedals. Arriving at the Ferry Slipway you can choose to head north, and down the western side of the island with views across to Bute and Arran before arriving into the bay at Millport. Heading south from the Ferry Slipway gives you the option of following the coastal road with views across to Ayrshire or heading inland onto the Inner Circle pathway to Millport. Take your own bicycle across or hire one on the island. The Cycle Route is entirely on road and users should follow the Highway Code at all times. They should also wear cycle helmets, brightly coloured or fluorescent clothing and ensure their bikes are in good condition.

Fintry Bay Walk on Cumbrae 7km. Starting off from the Old Pier, head off up Cardiff Street keeping uphill by Golf Road. Just before the car park for the golf club the route forks left onto the farm road. Skirting the steading the path goes right through a kissing gate and follows the line of the fence as it disappears over the horizon parallel to the sea.
Spectacular views can be enjoyed from the top of the hill and on to the descent. To the left you can see Kilchattan Bay on the Island of Bute and also Mount Stuart the residence of the Marquess of Bute. Ahead on a clear day, beyond the chimney at Inverkip power Station and Dunoon can be seen Ben Lomond and the hills surrounding Loch Lomond whilst to the left are the hills of Argyll and the Cowal Peninsula. The path continues down to the road where a choice awaits. Either turn right to Fintry Bay for a picnic with on a good day a pleasant swim off a safe beach. Alternatively turn left on the footpath and coastal walk back to Millport.

Inner Circle Walk on Cumbrae 11.4km. From the starting point at the Ferry slip, take a left towards the National Water Sports Centre. Near the centre you will pass a whitewashed house, at which point the walk takes the right fork up the hill onto the Ferry Road. This was the original connection to Millport before the construction of the shore road. As you enjoy the wonderful scenery, look out for the signpost, which directs you through the woods, and along the edge of the field. This will take you to a high point called Broomy Knowes where you can obtain excellent view's over Largs, Fairlie and the North Ayrshire hills. Follow along the field edge until you reach a track, then turn left along the track which comes out near Ballochmartin Farm and then leads back onto the Ferry Road. Follow the road on until you turn right up the hill to junction for the Inner Circle Road. Continue along past Figgatoch Farm on your right and look out for the remains of a former mineral well opposite the farm road end. The walk continues to the top of the hill where the Glaid Stone is situated. On the stone there is an indicator which will help identify various landmarks. The descent towards Millport, passing Breakough Farm on the right provides a pleasant detour downhill towards the housing estate. From where you turn right up Cow Lane past the Cathedral of the Isles. The Cathedral, designed by William Butterfield, is reputed to be the smallest in Britain if not Europe. It is well worth a visit and contains many interesting features including magnificent stained glass and a 123-foot steeple, all of which have recently been refurbished. From here descend down the steps out to College Street and on towards the seafront turning right into the town and the old pier or left along the seafront and back up Ferry Road to the ferry terminal. For the weary a bus service can be used back to the Ferry Terminal.
Cumbrae Paths
Cumbrae is just off the coast of Ayrshire at Largs. The island is small with a circumference of around 10 miles (6.2km) The island is popular with day trippers and tourists. Remember that you will need to pay for a ferry trip to and from the Island - enquire at Largs or Download the Cumbrae leaflet.
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